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We are building an orchestra of young musicians to tour and perform with other young people in South Africa. If you are a young person who loves music and who would like the musical and cultural experience of a lifetime, then IYOB is for you!


Once in South Africa the eleven young musicians from the UK, will be joined by a young musician from the USA and a young musician from Australia. They will then be joined by young musicians from the West Coast Youth Orchestra and the Stellenbosch Youth Orchestra and together they will play concerts in Stellenbosch area and Cape Town.


Young musicians on the tour will be accompanied by our experienced tour leaders. Our tour leaders are either DBS checked (UK) or carry the Police Clearance Certificate (South Africa). All are trained in safeguarding and the designated safeguarding lead will be Cathy Scott-Burt.

ishani bhoola

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waverley ensemble

Who are we?

We are the Waverley Ensemble, a Surrey based charity. We have teamed up with Cathy Scott-Burt in Coventry, the West Coast Youth Orchestra in South Africa and Music Director Alexander Walker. We will partner with the Stellenbosch Youth Orchestra, directed by Reghardt Kühn and will also be joined by young musicians from the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra and the ARCO project in Soweto. Our mission is to work together to bring music to children and young people from every background.

What do we want to achieve?

Music is for everyone, regardless of race, income or beliefs. However, we know that there can be signficant barriers to young people keeping up music lessons, and finding others to make music with. We also know that music, and playing music with others, provides a creative, expressive outlet for young people. Performing music is good for confidence, while the discipline of home practice and rehearsals is a life skill that will help young people succeed in music or whatever career they choose. 



The aim of IYOB is to break down these barriers and achieve all the positives of performing music. By travelling to South Africa, we hope to show the young musicians a country that is both similar to and different from the UK. We hope to inspire them with new cultural experiences, new performance venues and audiences. The project is also a wonderful opportunity to make real connections through music with other young people from the UK and South Africa.

Age: between 13-17 on August 15th 2024

Musical ability: Grade 4 and above by December 31 2021




  • 2022: Three separate days ONLINE with the students in South Africa





  • 2023: Two days ONLINE (5th March and 4th June) with an In Person day for the UK students during the Summer in Coventry 


  • 2024: One day ONLINE and trip to South Africa July 28 - August 6


July 28- August 1: rehearsals in Stellenbosch 

August 2- 6:  concerts in Stellenbosch area and  Cape Town

We are working with Silver Blue Tours


Cost is £1500 for the trip which includes all air travel, visas, accommodation, instrument hire and insurance. 

For further information please contact Ishani here


Tour Leaders: Carina Brown, Ishani Bhoola, Lize Brown, Alexander Walker (Musical Director) and Cathy Scott-Burt (designated safeguarding lead)


All Tour Leaders are DBS checked and are trained to Safeguarding Level 5.

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